Tips for transferring care

As a caregiver, do you temporarily transfer the care to another person? Then there may be questions in your head, such as ‘will things go well?’ or ‘what should I arrange?’. Below you will find tips that can help you with the transfer.

Collect and give tips

While you are taking care of your neighbor, you probably think of many things that are important to your replacement to know. For example about the care or the food. Write these tips down as soon as you remember and pass them on to your replacement.

Use a checklist

You can also note the tips on one of the checklists that MantelzorgNL has drawn up. This way you don’t forget anything and the information is easy to find. We recommend these checklists especially if you are transferring care for the first time.

Check in advance

Does your loved one go to an outdoor location? Then take a look at this facility together in advance. If you can imagine something concrete about it, it will be easier for both of you to prepare for it.

Let us know what you are looking for

Talk to the organization where you request replacement care. Clearly state what your neighbor’s situation is and what care and support is needed. The organization can then search specifically for the person or institution that best suits your neighbor.

What if the person you care for doesn’t want to?

It can be difficult to convince your neighbor that you need time for yourself. After all, your care is very familiar. But time for yourself is ultimately also good for both of you, because it gives you new energy. If necessary, have a family member, friend, or family doctor talk to your neighbor. Mediation by someone you trust both works well in many cases.

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