For young caregivers

Is someone at your home sick, disabled, addicted, confused or depressed for a long time? Do you often worry about that? Do you often have to help at home? Or do you often take care of your family member? Then you are a young caregiver!

Sometimes you can use some help

Taking care of a family member, combined with your education, friends and hobbies is tough, especially at this time. How do you take good care of yourself? And what support is there for you? A few tips:

  • Share your concern
    Talk about your situation with someone you trust. You will find it relief to share your concerns.
  • Discuss it at school or at work.
    Tell your teacher, mentor, dean or supervisor about your home situation. By letting you know that you have someone around you who needs care, your understanding will grow. For example, if you have not finished something or are not there. Your environment can also think along whether there are things that can help you.
  • Indicate when it is too much
    Perhaps people around you can take over from you. That is not selfish, but really necessary to keep it up. Don’t you know anyone? Then ask for help from the Informal Care Line, we can refer you to someone in your area who can further support you. You can also discuss your concerns or problems with your family member’s health care professionals.
  • Keep doing fun things 
    It remains difficult, because you are already so busy. But time for yourself is very important! If possible, enjoy a good workout and try to keep up with friends. This way you have distraction and you are not alone.
  • Search information 
    Is something unclear about the illness or disability? It is nice for you to ask questions about this to your family, general practitioner or a nurse. The answers can reassure you.

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